Mary, 13 November 2017

Mary, 13 November 2017


Mother Mary appeared in a splendorous and marvelous light at the ‘grotto’ at the Visionary’s house, in the 2nd Joyful Mystery, in the 5th Hail Mary and the apparition took 13min.


Receive a blessing that comes for all My heart for all the world. Thank you for listening to My divine message that comes from heaven for you. I am Mother of the entire Universe. Open your heart and feel My presence alive in you. Thank you for offering Me and My Jesus your hearts. You have come to overcome the world, not to lose and not to stay behind.

My Son Jesus has come to help all those who are mentally and physically broken, because I see that some of you have offered your souls to evil. This is because of money and fame. Also, many of you use the symbols of evil and that brings a bad influence in your homes. Another sadness is that there’s a lot of drugs breaking the unity within the family homes. Many of you are not strong nor responsible, for this you fall in the weakness of sin. Many of you want to quickly become great in status without having worked hard for it. If you pray, you go to Church, you go to prayers, convert and let the Holy Spirit work strongly within you, all these bad things will not be able to happen. You must go to the Holy Sacrament, pray kneeled and become humbler and sincerer in your lives. If your situation is very bad, you must go to the Holy Sacrament every day.

Help all those who need help: If someone falls, help him back up so he can continue in his life and teach him to become spiritual. Help those who are hungry and thirsty. Help also those who need clothes. Pray for those who are weak in the mind and in the heart. The world needs more prayer and it’s being attacked with sadness and pain.

There’s a lot of loneliness in a lot of family homes. There’s a lot of sexual abuse with innocent children. It all comes from evil. This gives Me a lot of worries and it’s because of this that I appear more times to be with you. I also see many couples broken and who don’t understand each other anymore. This happens because there no understanding and communication amongst them and there is a lot debt. I also see a lot of suffering and crying in family homes. This makes you very ill and your health will go backwards. Only I and My Son Jesus can alleviate your hearts.

Many of you pretend to know everything, but now it’s the time that you are going to start a new life. Remain in the light and step away from the darkness. My children, pray so that there is no war, because if there’s war everything will have to start from scratch. There will be great signals in the heavens, on earth and in the oceans so you can all see. There you will see with your own eyes and you will proclaim the Good News of My Only Son Jesus who has come to save and forgive you all.

You must do a lot of sacrifice and penitence and believe that miracles exist every day. Keep on demonstrating to Me that you can go forward. The only thing that can help now is prayer and faith.

I love you from all My heart and I say goodbye to you thanking you for listening to My call.

Your Mother, the Virgin of Grace of Aruba.