Mary, 13 March 2018

Mary, 13 March 2018

THE VIRGIN OF GRACE OF ARUBA | March 13, 2018 – 1.40 am, KOYARI, ARUBA

Mother Mary appeared at the ‘grotto’ at the house of the Visionary, in the first Sorrowful Mystery, in the 7th Hail Mary with Her open arms and Her mantle was emanating brilliant lights to show that She is the Mother of the entire world. The apparition took 12min.


Receive a blessing that comes from the bottom of the My heart for your hearts. I am a Mother who wants to help and protect you every day. Never let your faith fall. Always hold tight to your prayers and don’t let anyone be in your way of praying and of going forward for your wishes and dreams to become reality.

I have noticed that many of you have obstacles to get to Church and pray. There are many of you who are carrying profound pains without telling anyone anything. I, your Mother, know that you are walking for a long time with those pains. It’s not good to remain with them. When you do good for another person you will receive all goodness in abundance. Even though it takes a Little while, the blessing and the precious gift will come.

Remember that the situation remains hard. Pray more, ask more and cry out every day to My Son Jesus and don’t skip the prayer of the Holy Rosary. Praying the Holy Rosary you will chase all evil.

Did you remember to do deeds of mercy? Help the poor, help others to pray, help the sick, do more penitence, go to the Holy Sacrament, help others who don’t have clothing and also give each other love. Make a good confession so you can remain clean and pure. Remember to come closer to the truth of My Son Jesus. Don’t move away of the love for one another, support and respect the apparition.

What hurts Me most is when you don’t listen to Me nor to My Son Jesus, neither to all the messages and about what is going to happen in the world. It’s very close, My children. Better listen to remain without listening. Carry your Cross with a lot of love and don’t quarrel with one another if it’s not necessary, because these are the tests you are going through.

When you ask for forgiveness, you remain free and blessed. Love one another and help each other always; Do it in My name.

Your Mother, who loves you forever, the Virgin of Grace of Aruba.