Mary, 13 July 2017

Mary, 13 July 2017


Mother Mary appeared in a splendorous light with clouds below her feet at the ‘grotto’ at the Visionary’s house, in the 2nd Luminous Mystery, in the 5th Hail Mary and the apparition took 11min. This is a key message for the world. 

Message of Duty and Grace

A blessing goes to all My children who truly love Me.

Many of you are dying in sin and you haven’t asked for forgiveness, neither have you repented of all your sins and of all that has happened in your past. Don’t delay in asking for forgiveness so you won’t be late, because many of you are going to purgatory. The souls scream loud to get out and it is prayer that becomes your strength and your solution. There’s a lot of sadness and heavy suffering and it’s because of this many of you commit suicide or your get desperate and you die in pain amidst your sins. Many of you must work hard to gain Heaven. Pray so you can receive more mercy. Remember to share the love of My Son Jesus with others.

My children, do you know that the Angels and Saints are praying a lot for you for what is coming for the world? The Saint who is more worried in Heaven is St. Francis of Assisi. He puts his hands on his head and he thinks about the world.

Don’t remain hidden in the trap of the darkness, get out of it and come into the brightness where My Son Jesus is the Light of the world. A dark cloud will come in the sky, it will be heavy with signals for you and the ocean will become rough at that same moment. My children are praying enough for what is coming for the world?

When you enter the House of My Son Jesus, don’t speak to each another, but pray! Now prayer is much more important than everything, because life has become more difficult. Don’t look at your watches, because the duration of Holy Mass should be longer. Why do I say this? Because this remembers the death of My Son Jesus in Calvary on the cross.

My children, pay good attention now to what I am going to say:

Truly, the 3 days of darkness will come. In these 3 days, you will not eat and you will unite within your families to pray more, ask more, you will cry much more and you will come to know the importance of asking each other for forgiveness. If you have blessed candles, only those will be lit. Outside of your home you will hear a turmoil, screams of souls and impure spirits. My children, do not open any windows nor doors to go outside only until these 3 days have passed. A great purification will come in the world and that is a preparation for the cleaning of your soul before it’s too late.

Something that I have to say, My children, is that when a baby is born it needs the help of its mother and father. It’s the same when a person reaches an old age, he/she also will become much like a baby and needs someone to take care of him. Many times the baby or elderly is abandoned. Carry your cross with a lot of love, follow My Jesus’ example and His steps. Remember that you have one life. Pray your Holy Rosary, help those who are abandoned, build more places for the sick and pray with them so they can receive a miracle. This is the calling of mercy for all of you.

If you live within a marriage, in which you were marred by the Church, your partner is your true husband or wife. If you are living with someone who is not your husband or wife, that is a great sin; Step back and go to your husband or wife with whom you were married by the Church, that is when your life will be mended. It’s better for you to be alone than to be with someone who is in sin.

I love you with all My heart and I worry for all of you. Are you ready to fulfill the duties I ask you? No matter how hard it is, the world must pray more.

I remain by giving you My blessing as your Celestial Mother who is full of grace. I will kiss your hands so you can go forward in faith.