Mary, 13 January 2018

Mary, 13 January 2018

MESSAGE OF THE VIRGIN OF GRACE OF ARUBA, Koyari, Aruba, January 13, 2018 – 4:05AM

Mother Mary appeared in a splendorous and marvelous light at the ‘grotto’ at the house of the Visionary Valerie, in the 4th Joyous Mystery, the 4th Hail Mary and the apparition took 14min.


Receive a blessing that comes from all My heart.

I have come with My open arms and I want for you also to be as open with beauty and purity for Me and for My Son Jesus. Come closer to Me and come to My heart. Never leave me. I want to unite Myself always to you. I will teach you to pray, to listen well and the comply with all that I ask My beloved Visionaries. Don’t delay in converting. Change your lives, the way you each other and repent. If you, My children, love Me and love My Son Jesus truly you will have to comply with all the petitions that We request to you.

Remember that many of you have great enemies who walk with you. Remember that each of you have received great and heavy tests. Come closer to My Son Jesus and ask Him for forgiveness and truly repent.

My children, did you know that problems make you sick? You can’t think right nor speak right, because the enemy wants to break you apart. I place My sight on you every day to protect and take care of you. May My divine rays penetrate in your lives and in your souls. My mantle will cover you every day. I love you very much and I don’t want you to go into damnation.

There are many great temptations and specially within the modern telephones that you use a lot. You become a sick person and that brings many great problems in the world. This makes me more preoccupied and gives Me pain in My heart. Because of this I pray for you to go forward and not backward, because many of you still hold hands with the wrong people.

You must give honor and Glory to My Only Son Jesus, who died at the Cross for all of you. Work hard so you can reach Heaven’s door. That is greatest joy that you receive in heaven where you can see the Angels, the Saints, Me and My Son Jesus – but I still see many of you who go the opposite way – many go into purgatory and hell.

My children, the greatest pain is when there’s no food. You can do much harm without thinking. That is why this year needs more prayer more than ever. There will be more great suffering and hard tests to see if you can get through them. Go more in front of the Holy Sacrament so you can receive more strength.

Think for a moment on your lives. Do you think that you have lived a good or a bad life? Did you make someone happy or sad, did you play with people’s emotions and hurt him/her? Everything happens because of your conscience for you not to hurt anyone. That can’t be My children, it’s like you can also do it to Me as your Mother from Heaven.

Many pray with a closed and angry heart – this can’t be. When you must pray you have to truly repent and cry for all your sins that hurt you up to today.

I am the Mother, who is filled with grace and who says goodbye to this message. Thank you for listening to Me. Thank you for My flowers and my candles. Thank you for the letters and thank you for your presence. Thank you for loving Koyari, a place that I and My son Jesus have chosen, that is the place of refuge. A tight hug for your souls.

I remain, but I don’t want to say goodbye.