Mary, 13 February 2018

Mary, 13 February 2018

THE VIRGIN OF GRACE OF ARUBA | February 13, 2018 – 1.10 am, KOYARI, ARUBA

Mother Mary appeared with 3 Angels of the Throne in a splendorous, kind and marvelous light, at the ‘grotto’ at the house the Visionary, in the 1st Sorrowful Mystery, in the 10th Hail Mary and the apparition took 12min.


Receive a rich blessing. With My open arms and heart I bless you all in the world. Listen well to My message, because this is a call of alert for what is coming and for what is already happening in the world.

Better listen than remain without listening. Better accept and convert.

There are a lot of bad things which are still hidden. The sun will shine for everyone, but the darkness will cover all who do not listen. What is from God is serious. Don’t look for My Son Jesus only when you need Him.

Life is already painful and many of you can’t live with one another anymore, because there is a lot of disunity. There are a lot of litigations within prayer groups and in Church, that is not possible My children. Live in peace and with love for each other. Be humble and comply with all the Commandments of My Son Jesus. You have one life, live it well so you can receive goodness. Thank for all for that you have not yet received. Don’t hurt the one I love most. I know that you have come to succeed in life, but don’t do any injustice to your neighbor.

Did you remember to pray the Holy Rosary every day? That is the greatest weapon against satan. It’s never too late to pray. It’s neither too late to convert and to truly change your lives.

I am your Mother; the Virgin of Grace of Aruba and I have a lot of roses to offer each of you who come to Me. I will put My hands with a lot of prayer upon you, because some of you will enter Heaven, others will go to Purgatory and there are others who will go to Hell. Mostly there are a lot of attacks and darkness in the world, because the pain and hate have increased. Because of this you must pray your Holy Rosary more, it’s the only strength that you need. Ask the Holy Spirit to accompany you every day. Hold hands with correct people and not with people that betray you.

My children, I’m worried about all of you who live in the world. Go forward in faith with a lot of love. Many known and important people in the world will die.