Jesus, November 25 2014

Jesus, November 25 2014

MESSAGE OF JESUS OUR FRIEND AND SAVIOR, Koyari, Aruba November 25, 2014 – 1:30AM

I, your Jesus, want to make a great and serious call to this world. Bow your heads and become humble, so I can offer this world My blessing.

Remember that I am your Jesus, your Friend and Savior. Seeing how you are going in your spiritual lives, in your homes and your behavior on the street and your weakness in faith, I see that many of you have not achieved enough in your lives to go forward. Many people are weak to fall into sin, because sins of nowadays are very heavy and your failings are very great.

I give you eternal life and you will never go into damnation. Don’t pull away good people who serve Me and My Mother in their spiritual lives. There are good people and there are bad people. Don’t let other people break you to reach victory in your life of tomorrow.

Many parents have raised their children badly. You have to educate them with discipline and love, because now I see that children are raised without love, they use drugs and alcohol, boys wear earrings, they mark their bodies with evil things without knowing what they mean, they are arrogant y rebellious, they lie a lot, they know how to dominate their mother and fathers, they think that only they can do things and they swear a lot, they make strange signals with their hands, they can kill each other and they are influenced a lot by evil; there’s also a lot of abuse of innocent children, they bully and clothe in an immoral way.

Also, when you talk to each other with words that are too harsh, you will not be able to forget them and you will remain very offended and it will be difficult to forget. This can’t be My Children, these are heavy sins that you are doing and you have to truly repent.

I, your Jesus, your Friend and Savior, am asking you one question; Look around you, isn’t it hard to look at? Of course. My pain is immense and also that of My Mother; There is a lot of perdition. A solution has come urgently. This is, that you need to start changing your lives anew, make a good confession, go in front of the Holy Sacrament, go to receive Holy Communion, as much as you can, so that evil doesn’t persecute you.

Pray Your Holy Rosaries every day, read your Bibles and this way, slowly, you will start to receive understanding and the light again. Stop remaining weak, because there’s a new hope.

My Children, what is happening that every moment a couple looks for another persona – this brings diseases. Many couples get married and after they don’t want their companion anymore and they decide to look for someone else. This is a very great offense.

Mothers, listen to My word, look well after your children and don’t go about choosing another person, leaving your children aside. Open your ears, open your eyes, become serious and walk in the true light. Remember that this message is for the entire world.

Those who follow Me, respect Me and love Me. On the path of life you can encounter good things and bad things. Families pray more, because these happen because you don’t pray anymore and many of you remain weak and say: Why do we need to pray? Well, on earth, the worst and heaviest things are on their way. If I explain to you what’s happening in the world you will cry together with and with My Mother, because this is not the world that I’ve wished for. Evil has taken a great deal of control and it’s destroyed many family homes, that is why you should pray more than ever My children.

Many of you pretend that you know everything, but you still need to learn. You have to be sincere in my eyes, so that My heart can be happy. I have to see you pray. Every time I notice that you don’t comply with prayers, you always have something else to do and you are disturbed.

My Children, I want to tell you something very important, that you are well now and a moment later you can get an illness or be involved in an accident, than your family needs to struggle with you. Why do you need to start living large? Always start small and grow, become slowly greater in prayer and your faith has to remain stable.

I your Jesus, your Friend and Savior, want to give strength, health, blessings and more graces to all who read My message and take it seriously. If you have faith, you will achieve everything. Remember that I and My Father are one.

Thank you for listening to My words, because it comes from the bottom of My heart. Always keep on the good path, because these are My best wishes for you.