Jesus, May 25 2020

Jesus, May 25 2020


Jesus remained for 47min. There are 498 private answers.

My children, I’m happy for coming to you.

Here I am once more, where I see that the world is still trembling. I don’t see anything that has been fixed, everything is bad and is running sideways. I see a lot of people weak in faith. They are not stable as they should be and they lose heart. Many of you hide in your houses, you remain closed up and become ill, desperate and depressed. Fear is so great in you that is it’s in your way of praying and you don’t pray like you should.

Can you tell Me what you did for Me and for My Mother during all the days that went by? I hope you did something that was to My liking. I still see that you are filled with fear. Those who have faith can’t be afraid of anything. Many of you ask Me favors and a few comply. You have to do a lot of penance and praise so that the Holy Spirit can work within you, but I’ve noticed that you are very far from one another.

All that must happen in the world, must happen. Get out of the darkness and enter the true light.

I’ve noticed that many people are possessed by evil and it’s become more than ever, because you are weak, and you allow evil to take your bodies. One moment you’re good and afterwards you change, and you no longer want to go to Church. You also become cold for prayer and cannot control yourselves, that’s why evil attacks you. Your faith staggers: one moment you’re happy, another moment you’re angry, you don’t know what you’re doing, and you lose your mind. You remain weak despite having spiritual people talk to you. Those who have a strong faith will not let anything dominate them and they will better every time.

Tomorrow, those who are used to raising their hand and hitting someone else, will suffer due to the abuse to others. That hurts My heart a lot. I forgive those who ask for forgiveness, but I’m not happy about those who put their hands on others. You will regret it and you will feel  annoyed afterwards. That’s why you should let the Holy Spirit enter to change your thoughts. Better speak and communicate with one another and refrain from hitting someone.

Oh world, world, world. What pain is the world going through. The situation in the world will not remain the same as before. Many of you will hate and fight each other. War will come, also storms and rain. I want you to think better, because the truth is always in My Word. I am the light of the world. Everything that is impossible will become possible through Me. The gate of Heaven will open through My Will. Those who want eternal life need to fix their lives now. Don’t delay converting. Also remember your neighbor and not only yourselves. Don’t be egoistic and unbelieving. If you are like this, you will stay behind and you will have to start all over. I see a lot of people who want to help others and also others who don’t want to help. Change your heart and make soft. Put your past aside, walk in the light and in the way of the truth and life.

Don’t let your hearts become hard but let your heart feel to help others. Every day I see everything that you do. Hold tight to your faith, everything depends on yourselves. If you walk with negative people you also become negative. Be hard and strong, don’t let that happen to you. I’ve noticed that there are many married couples separating, because they don’t want to share the debt payments. They leave the debt to only one person. If you share the expenses you will not quarrel. You have to have love and understanding for each other. That’s why I ask you to pray every day so you can receive strength to continue. My children don’t stay closed up in your home but get out and breathe the air from outside so you won’t get sick.

You receive My abundant blessing. I am your best friend, trust in Me and I will help you. I listen to you with a lot of with a lot of love for all that you want from Me.

From your Jesus, your Friend and Savior.