Jesus, February 25 2018

Jesus, February 25 2018

MESSAGE OF JESUS OUR FRIEND AND SAVIOR Koyari, Aruba February 25, 2018 3:10AM

Receive a blessing to listen to My powerful message. I have come to give a warning and alert to the entire world.

The world is filled with pain, problems and very great and heavy sins, but I notice that many families can’t live with each other any longer. There’s no communication, neither respect and responsibility. There’s more disunity and quarrels every day and I’ve even noticed that others run away from home without looking back. Still I see that you hold hands with the wrong people and that you don’t want to start a new life. Many of you are addicted to drugs, alcohol and abuse, and you keep going backwards. How are your wife and children? What future can you give them? How is your complete family? There a lack of love and compassion within the family. Children grow rebellious in a disordered life and as parents you won’t be able to hold them back anymore.

Don’t forget that you grow older every year. Many of you ask Me “Jesus, what will happen to me when I become older and who will look after me?” Well, My children, I’d like to say that the situation of the world is not easy and there won’t any more changes. The situation will not be fixed, and you could already see with your own eyes what is happening around you. Great signs will be shown in the sky.

How many of you prepared for what I’ve already asked you to? First, is your faith, second is your plantation, but many of you have set aside plantations of fruits and vegetables, you’ve set aside the harvest to continue doing things who don’t give fruit, and which aren’t necessary. Every time something hinders you of planting fruits and vegetables, that is why you should always have a guide to help. I don’t you send rain for nothing. It to for you to use it well. Carry you Cross and follow Me. I don’t give you a Cross that can’t carry.

My children, what is happening in your mind and heart? Is it that people are telling you bad things to deviate you? Do you know that you must be more sincere and humble in My sight? Do you know that life is hard and there’s no food for the whole family to eat, not even for others? There will be a spiritual war and there will a lack of food; there will screams of hunger. See how much work you will have to help the sick. You will have your hands full.

Never hurt the one that I and My Mother love. Remember that you are on a test greater than ever. Don’t deviate from Mass, from prayer, from the apparition and adoration. Comply with the sacrifice of the Way of the Cross and don’t say that you can’t come to do it. Hold your faith up high and make sure it never goes out.

Those who want peace and tranquility need to change their lives first and don’t look at sins of others. My love is very great for you. You feel My love and My presence every day. Don’t do harm to others so that they won’t return it to you. Each moment that you get the opportunity to pray, pray and don’t stay without praying, because the enemy is stronger and greater than ever. Don’t remain with a hard and closed heart and say that you can’t pray. You always tell Me that you have something else to do. The Holy Rosary, the Bible, prayer from the heart and a lot of Holy Mass breaks all evil and, it’s plans and tricks.

Many of you will die this year and also known people. I see that the war is on its way and it’s very close. Always do beautiful things in My sight and also in the sight of My Mother. Remember that you are only here for a moment and after won’t be here anymore. Educate your children to be decent and humble so that they can be very thankful for what I have done for you. Remember that I see all that is happening. Always be sincere in prayer and with everybody. There is a lot of great suffering. Don’t come to Me only when you’re burdened with problems to look for refuge.

Many of you have shown who you have chosen: I, your Lord, to receive eternal life and for you to gain heaven, but there are others who have chosen evil to go in the flames of sin. There are others who have shown their love working for Me and My Mother.

I have noticed that there are many evil games out that dominate your minds and hearts, so you go into damnation. Don’t let evil use you, because many are weak and fall quickly in sin. My children, hold tight to your faith in your life so you can forward. If you’ve been through hard times in your past which you can’t forget about you need to ask for forgiveness to be remain free and at peace to continue going forward in your future.

When I offer a miracle of healing I want you to proclaim that “Jesus can make everything become possible.” Never forget Me nor My Mother, even though you have received everything you’ve asked me.

I’ve been through hard times when they crucified Me, but I have died for pure love for all of you to receive salvation. There are people who do evil, but through sacrifice and prayer everything will come out. Don’t let the light of faith be put out, keep it always on and you will show Me that you will succeed. Always treat each other good, so you will receive what is good. An illness will let you come closer than ever to Me.