Jesus 25 May, 2017

Jesus 25 May, 2017

MESSAGE OF JESUS OUR FRIEND AND SAVIOR, Koyari, Aruba May 25, 2017 – 3:33AM

Jesus remained for 47 min.  There are 470 private messages.

My children of the world, I have come once more to offer My messages and alerts of what is going to happen with the world.

My heart is very worried and with a lot of pain. This world is filled with evil, hate, vengeance, robbery, kidnapping, a lot of crimes and a lot of deaths, without their day of death having arrived. Evil is working strongly in the world: Everything has increased, sexual abuse with children, men with men, women with women, abuse of the elderly with mistreatments in criminal manners. Many of you are walking in heavy darkness. Others mark their bodies with the sign of evil. My children, don’t think of doing this, because for the rest of your lives you will be marked! There are others who watch programs about crimes, spirits, evil and horror. All these bad things are taken into your body and mind and they don’t get out easily. These are taken into those who have a weak mind faster and every day that passes by you want to watch these evil programs. There are parents who also watch these wicked programs together with their children, which are in the way of their spiritual life. There are other parents who are worried about their children and take good care of them. Did you notice, My children, that it is yourself that look for these dangers for your life? You call evil yourself to come into your home and he keeps walking behind you. My children, be quick in fixing these pains and errors.

My children, I see strong drinks that change your character and attitude; You have a chance of losing your family. All types of drugs have increased in the world. For these reasons in the sky will be strong signals for you to see and for you to convert. Make sure to walk on the right path, help those in need and help the sick.

I would like to offer you a warning, My children, and it is very serious. One of My secrets that I must tell you is that the world will end in fire – and it is very close. This is no game, because I am the chosen Son of God.

My children, day by day the situation of the world becomes worse, for this reason earthquakes will come in different locations of the world. All those who are spiritual, who have the seal and who are consecrated will receive salvation at another world. Those who have nothing will burn in true fire.

Many of you have entered purgatory in recent times, but through the prayer of Saint Gertrude they have received the opportunity to enter heaven.

Do you know, that I am your Jesus that give you the light of life? Why do you have to go to ‘witches’? Also, employers abuse mentally and physically of their own employees and many employers don’t pay their employees what they should. Because of this I want to heal and liberate all families of the world and I want to give you strength to keep on going in your home, at your jobs and everywhere you go.

I bless you always, at all moments, which you might not even imagine. You must love one another from the heart, but I notice that there is no peace. The love for one another isn’t there like it should be. I have noticed that the character of many of you have changed and it’s not like it was before when you have started with your prayers. You must start all over, because your thoughts and feelings have become very small. Be strong in your spiritual life. You don’t come for people, but you come for Me, your Jesus, and for My Mother. Where is your faith?

How many of you skip Mass and prayers? You also forget to pray each day? How many of you forget to come to the apparition where My Mother appears once a month so you can be with Her? She also appears twice a month to the Visionary. There are others who go behind wrong people. Many blame Me and My Mother, and you ask, “why did I receive such a life?”. Blame yourselves! That happens when you do things in a hurry and you don’t listen. Neither do you want to listen to the truth that hurts and it all comes out wrong for you.

If I want a partner for you I will send My Holy Spirit to guide you in your marriage, so it can be a true union and for you to keep going forward with your family. If you want to receive more strength you must go to Mass frequently to take the Holy Communion to become more spiritual and receive more wisdom.

I say goodbye and in three months I will give you more messages. Remember, unity is strength. Ask Me and you will receive. I offer a miracle for each life that listens to Me.

You Jesus, your Friend and Savior.