Jesus 25 August, 2017

Jesus 25 August, 2017

MESSAGE OF JESUS OUR FRIEND AND SAVIOR, Koyari, Aruba August 25, 2017 – 4:10AM

Jesus appeared dressed in White with a brilliant light and with a red stripe on his clothing. Jesus has given 785 private messages and He stayed for 1hr and 20min.


Today I have come once more for the world to warn you about what is coming and which isn’t easy to see.

The temptation of darkness and evil is destroying this entire world. Don’t say that the world is bad, but it’s the situation of the world that is bad because many people are being dominated by pure evil. For example, they damage young people with drugs and alcohol, they put them in the mafia and black magic, in money laundering, in theft and they have access to easy money, without a job and their own sweat. Many people have sold their souls to satan, because of this they will go to hell. Better be sincere with yourselves and with others.

During these recent times, I see that there are many Priests and Bishops who are becoming weak and fall into sins. Then it’s difficult for them to start all over. Priests should never play with people’s feelings. Every day I see what is happening.

If you want salvation you have to completely stay away from the darkness and evil. It seems like you don’t pray enough within your families. What has happened with your love and with your faith in your life? I see others who aren’t religious and who break you and they take you from the good path.

My children, do you know that My arrival is very soon and very near? Are you ready and prepared for My arrival? This will happen on a day on which you won’t imagine; You don’t know the day nor the time. I’m preparing My Angels for My arrival in the world, where you will hear sounds of trumpets.

I’m kind and wonderful. I have come to help and save all those who truly love Me. I offer you a miracle and a lot of strength so you can continue to keep going in your lives. Do more sacrifice and works of charity for those most in need, because you are still in a heavy test. I see who complies and who doesn’t.

In the world today there is already war every day, one against the other. This comes because there’s not enough patience and love. How many of you skip prayers at your home, you don’t go to Mass and you don’t go to adoration? You always must do good to your fellow brothers and sisters. Do you also know that world war is very close? This why you should pray whenever you get a moment to pray. What’s more important now is water to drink, plantation and all that I asked you in the past, because now is the time of truth is coming. Have you prepared your heart and your soul in sincerity for My arrival? For every one of you a day will come to see Me face to face and you will speak to Me. Mysterious things will happen before My arrival.

Better listen and do good to each other, otherwise life will be heavier for you. Remember Me and remember My Mother who can help you every minute of your time. You should be open to accept our help. My Mother herself will open your hearts for you to accept.

I see that when the doors of homes of businesses open to help you, you turn your backs, you abandon and reject those who have help you more in your religious life. Never do that, because you must be sincere and always appreciate the help that you have received. Always give each other value alive and not when dead; then it’s too late already. Pray more, because that’s the reason you must pray more from the heart.

Mothers and fathers, teach your children to become more religious and teach them to pray. Don’t let them grow without direction, because I see how your children go through days without praying, even the children who are far from their parents because of their studies, and they hold hands with the wrong people. Do you, as parents, know anything about what’s happening? Because I’m your Jesus, I tell you: Parents, don’t stay asleep, wake up, open your eyes and your hearts before it’s late.

Thank you for listening to My message that comes from the profoundness of My heart. Those who love Me and who love My Mother will have the Victory for eternal life. You receive My blessing to keep going forward.

Your Jesus, your Friend and Savior.