January 25, 2005

To all My children, I have come once again to offer My Word and My truth on what is happening around yourselves. The situations aren’t too good. There’s still a lack in getting better in the spiritual life. Don’t wait when something happens to come to ask Me, but ask Me every time, also when things don’t go well for you.

Life is not easy, that’s why you should pray, ask for forgiveness, repent of all your sins; this way I can listen to your pleads so I can give you the earned forgiveness, because on earth you are all sinners. Turn around and do good things in My eyes and live well with each other like brothers. Don’t overdo anything and don’t let anyone take you away from the Catholic religion.

That’s why, again, I ask to pray a lot, humiliate yourselves and say that you can do it. This way you will know which way to chose, either the good path which is Mine, your Jesus, or you chose the wrong path, that of perdition.

Many people marry without them being destined for each other like a couple and they marry without love. Also others marry for interest or money. My children, the greatest pain is that of the one I keep repeating about, of seeing men with men, women with women and this can’t be. I don’t permit these types of things to happen in My eyes. This is a very large sin! How do you want the world to be better, if these people are damaging everything and they disturb the growth and the peace of the world?

Because of sins like this there will be more earthquakes, many heavy rains, because that there will be more deaths, more suffering of hunger and thirst and more pains one after the other. The sky will change, the sun will become hotter, under the ocean floor currents will clash, the ocean will keep coming onto the ground and cause much more damage. In different parts of the world that is usually not cold, now you can’t imagine how much snow is falling there, there’ll much destruction and deaths. Fires in different parts of the world will also come. These things will not end yet, because there are much more to come. The world has started to become smaller already and more places will disappear, because many of you don’t follow the true religion. That’s why there’ll be more suffering and more pain.

Many people abandon My Celestial Mother and many of you don’t want to read the Bible and neither say the Holy Rosary. Each day of your lives that I offer to you is a gift. Who can imagine and think which day you will die and come to Me in the Glory? For you to gain the Celestial Glory you have to keep going and become sincere; don’t ever be afraid of your death.

Open up your hearts and help Me please, to pray for all the Priests, the Bishops, for the Holy Pope John Paul II and for all those who serve the Catholic Church, because all of them are being attacked by the other religions. My love is great for you all. I’d also like your hearts to be as great as the love that I have for you.

The life in which you are currently living is one of the biggest struggles that I could’ve seen. Remember not to play with each other’s emotions or use words that can break the hearts of those whom you are talking to. Don’t do this please. Think before you speak something and always remember that I know everything and you are never alone. All that I have already said is happening.

I am your Jesus alive and My blood is precious, that’s why you should kneel and humiliate yourselves, ask Me for patience and you need to always be positive. Go in front of the Holy Sacrament, help the sick and the poor, don’t remember only yourselves; also remember to think upon the 10 commandments, they are there to guide you.

Unite more with each other in prayer, to try to keep away the war that is coming. I feel great pains in My heart to see how many innocent people will die. Even though I don’t’ want this, but My Celestial Father is tired of seeing how the situation on earth is going. Remember to be sincere and honest in the Christian life. Give peace and forgiveness to each other from the heart, My children. Remember that the messages are not only for Aruba, but for the entire world, so that you can all be alerted before it’s too late.

Your Jesus, your Friend and Savior, who loves all forever.


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