Help one another

We should never close our doors to others and shouldn’t live alone. We should live with others, have others around us. Because when something happens, we would need to have someone with us. If we live with others, we’re good to them and help them, we always receive help. But if we don’t live with others, and help no one, no one will help you. – Mercy is fading.

Help the needy, show them mercy, accept them and give them the good news He has for us. Give them a stamp with a prayer, a scapular, a chain with a cross on it, offer them that you will pray for them, offer all with love, because those are the most precious gifts. They will be glad with it, since it might be just what they needed at the moment you gave it to them. They will treasure it, because it was given with love. The most valuable gift to someone is that what he/she needed right then and there – with love. It is Jesus that guides you to do this. And you won’t only do this with one person, but you will give the good news to everyone you meet, as the person you gave the gift will also give the good news another – this is how Jesus works in us, this is the Voice of Jesus in us.