All Apparitions received by our Visionary, Mrs. Valerie Perez, are sent to her by the Grace of God, as she is chosen for work beyond belief and deep faith for God in His mission to bring Salvation to as many of His Children possible.

When she is given all the messages that Jesus Christ has for her, than Jesus will no longer appear to her. Though she has asked Jesus when this will be, Jesus has told her that it is now that the heavier messages are on their way to the world. Jesus wants to see the world as He wishes the world to be.

Apparitions received by our Visionary include that of Angels, Saints and the most important apparitions are that of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary. Apparitions of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary are of a constant nature to her, coming to her on a monthly basis. Though apparitions of Angels and Saints aren’t of a constant nature. In the important work Jesus Christ has given to her, as one of His youngest Visionaries, He has given her great gifts as showing her His Glory, Purgatory and Hell.

It is our hope that in the next sections these apparitions and gifts are described as best possible in words. This to give all people a glimpse into a true miracle.