On the 3 days of darkness

I’m prepared for the 3 days of darkness. The darkness makes you blind, and it will be sudden. You will despair; Your faith will have to calm you. The bell that Jesus asked us to prepare for this time will have to be used: everyone will ring the bell in the darkness; the sound of the bell will be your guide to find each other in the darkness. Candles that are blessed will be the only source of light, a little light. The candle will not light up the same as you are accustomed to, it’ll be a different kind of light. It will be good to have a strong person in faith with you to give you strength and console you during these 3 days, 72 hours. After these 3 days, outside will be totally different, different in a way that you have never seen before and could be unrecognizable to you. There will be a bright light that God will send to us at this time. Remember that Jesus didn’t ask us to prepare a list of things for nothing.

The 4 Angels who stand at the 4 corners of the world have already come. In two opportunities during 2014 the Virgin Mary appeared with two Angels. I’ve asked Inocente & Inocencio about these Angels and they told me that these 4 Angels were indeed those who stand at the 4 corners of the world. These 4 Angels are completely in white, everything is white. And their arrival in September 2014 (2, 25) announces that there are serious things about to happen. God keep us safe.